Wednesday, May 03, 2006


6. We realize that the bar-point is very important. However we insist you to try to occupy the equity points in the early stage. These are the 4th and 5th points on both the sides. 7. Your decision regarding doubling is a match winning or losing parameter. You must know when to issue a double, when to accept or decline and when to issue a redouble. Remember the break-even point of a double is 25%. In trailing situations double may bring about dramatic changes in the match. Go by Woolsey?s Law, 'put yourself in your opponent?s shoes'. 8. We advise you to redouble at a stage when you don?t have anything to lose, like in the 2nd game of a 3 game match if you have already conceded the first game. 9. Anchoring is always preferable to restrain the movements of the opponent. If your opponent sets up an anchor the best way to counter is with an anchor of your own. And again at a stage when you are trailing. Trying it may be your only available lifeline.10. The occupation of 7 or 9 point is advantageous when you are trailing. It will create pressure on the 12th point (Mid point) of the opponent. Don?t try to go too deep at your home board in the beginning. Leave the 1/ 2/ 3 points empty. The 5th point is equally important like the 7th one as the 5th point also prevents the opponent?s checkers from entering the bar.The key difference between a winner and a loser lies in their understanding of the backgammon principals and the mathematical ability to analyze the game and applying them in proper place and more importantly at an opportune moment.


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