Tuesday, April 25, 2006


To make it easy to follow the games, we have included a diagram before each play showing the position of the board and the roll of the dice. A good learning exercise is to examine each position and decide what you would do if you were playing. Then check to see how your choice compares with that of the players and commentators.

Each play is given as a series of moves separated by commas. A move consists of a starting point, a slash (/), and a finishing point. For example, 8/5 indicates that a checker moves from the eight point to the five point. An asterisk (*) indicates that a checker has been hit. A number in parentheses indicates that that number of checkers move together. Points are numbered from the point of view of the player whose turn it is. The farthest-away point is number 24 and checkers always move from higher points to lower points.


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